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(13 customer reviews)
Crazy Sutra Aroma soap making Fragrances Set of 07 Oils in a Combo Pack 10ml Each (Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Sandal, Eucalyptus, Cool Water, Musk)

Original price was: ₹599.00.Current price is: ₹375.00.

Availability: In stock

  •  Jasmine Oil is a Type of oil Derived from the Jasmine Flower. It is a Popular Natural Remedy for Improving Mood  overcoming Stress and Balancing Hormones.
  • Rose oil is said to enhance libido, reduce stress and anxiety, antidepressant, stimulates circulation, sharpens memory, and boosts mood.
  •  Lavender aroma oils is the most versatile of all oils. Most commonly known for its relaxing effects. Lavender has been highly regarded for relaxation therapy.
  • Fresh Sandal aroma oil is amongst the most refreshing of aroma oils & is routinely used for its energizing, uplifting, Fresh & Cheerful aroma. It is well known in the folklore for its ability to cleanse & purify.
  • Musk Oil Is Used To Reduce Stress; Stimulate Circulation; Increase Energy and Enhance Mood.
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Crazy Sutra Aroma soap making Fragrances Set of 07 Oils

IMPROVE SLEEP QUALITY  For sleep, Lavender oils help to ease headache, and tension with its floral scent for deep sleep upon nightfall. Feel awake and refreshed every day with peace of mind when you use  lavender oils for a diffuser for home.  Use pure lavender  oil for diffuser aromatherapy to relieve fatigue for peaceful sleep at night.  Jasmine Aroma Oil has naturally calming properties to give you a better night’s sleep. It clarifies your mind and relieves any tension/stress you might be holding onto. With slight sedative properties, jasmine can help you feel instantly calm and relax your nerves. Put a few drops of  Aroma rose oil in a diffuser and feel all the goodness of rose fragrance around you. Helps in fighting stress and Anxiety. One of the top benefits of rose oil is definitely is its mood-boosting abilities . You can use a few drops of your favorite fragrance on a burner, and it will help to relax you and reduce stress. One can also prepare a water-based deodorant solution and spray it around the house to get rid of foul smell.

13 reviews for Crazy Sutra Aroma soap making Fragrances Set of 07 Oils in a Combo Pack 10ml Each (Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Sandal, Eucalyptus, Cool Water, Musk)

  1. Thiyagarajan

    Good smell.I like it.

    Worthable product.

  2. Jeevan Killo

    100% Satisfied

    The media could not be loaded.

     Good Product. Use it in a small room then it’s good. Aroma is natural. Keep it little far from where you sit.

  3. Mr. Thakur

    Good fragrance

    The product is very nice and worth the buy.I have reduced one star for the box the bottles came in, it could have been little more sturdy to store the bottles for long time. 

  4. Anjali vats

    A must buy for oil diffuser

    Best product to go for oil diffuser. Smell very good. I generally use it at night for my oil diffuser n it’s smell is soo calming that u can smell it even outside the room. 


  5. dhananjay singh


    Nice product fulfills the purpose. 

  6. Laveena

    Worth buying

    This is worth buying I was contemplating to buy this or not then i decided to give a try and goes so well and fragmented💕

  7. D

    Love the fragrances

    Beautiful fragrances and the product is well priced. This is my four box of these oils, love to add them to my diffuser and also burn in my tea light burner with water… all oils have a distinct fragrance and good consistency 

  8. avinash chandra

    Perfume doesn’t last longer

    It’s suggested that use only one drop of oil but one drop vaporizes in 10 min and perfume in half an hour. 

  9. Abhinand A

    Good authentic fragrance

    Product worth it. Mild on the senses

  10. Harsh K

    Pure for Sure! Worth it.

    It’s amazing combination of 6 pleasant and essential fragrances of pure genuinely prepared essential natural oils. I have tried 3 fragrances so far all smells truely natural, soothing, calm, making pleasant ambience in home. Also it lasts for few hours say 3 to 6 hours depends on room size n ventilation. I personally n family feel very nice using this produxt, made in India.Thanks. 

  11. Akhil Sharma

    ठीक है

    अच्छा है। 😊 धन्यवाद

  12. Shashank S.

    Nice Aromas

    The aroma is good and works well in headed diffuser. I would highly recommend it.

  13. ravinder yadav


    Great fragrance

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