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(17 customer reviews)
Crazy Sutra® Pure Gel Wax for Candle Making for Continuer Candle, Jar Candle, Glass Candle, Easily Filled in Tealight Cups DIY Candle Making & Various Purposes

Original price was: ₹599.00.Current price is: ₹265.00.

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Gel Wax for Candle


Gel Wax, Pack of 400 grams.
High-quality Jelly candle wax; Soft and elastic, smokeless, highly transparent, crystal jelly, non-toxic, harmless.
Ability to suspend dense pigments & decorative items, great for DIY candle gifts.
Gel Candles can be made beautifully by adding embellishments like pigments, sea shells, pebbles, flowers, beads, and many other natural things.

Weight 450 g
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


Country of Origin


Gel Wax for Candle

Crazy Sutra Premium Gel wax is only used as a container wax. Transparent Gel wax for candle making as per your choice. You can make candles according to your choice, shape, and favorite fragrance. Gel Wax is mainly composed of oil, you have to make sure that the fragrance oils that you are using are soluble in them. For the wick, you must measure the diameter of the opening on your candle container. Once you have this information, you must select the appropriate Zinc Wick.

Introducing Pure Gel Wax for Candle
Experience the epitome of candle-making with our Pure Gel Wax. This high-quality wax, meticulously crafted for professional candle makers, offers a perfect blend of clarity, stability, and a longer burn time. Made from premium ingredients, our Pure Gel Wax enables you to create stunning, translucent candles that effortlessly radiate a warm glow. With its exceptional adherence to fragrances and vibrant color retention, this wax is a prime choice for crafting unique and captivating candles. Elevate your candle-making game with Pure Gel Wax and watch as it brings a touch of elegance to any environment.


17 reviews for Crazy Sutra® Pure Gel Wax for Candle Making for Continuer Candle, Jar Candle, Glass Candle, Easily Filled in Tealight Cups DIY Candle Making & Various Purposes

  1. P D Nongkynrih


  2. P D Nongkynrih


  3. Shelly Gulati

    Great quality gel wax

    This product has a very good quality. The gel wax is easily melted and ready to use . I’m glad I purchased it… highly recommend it.

  4. Vishakha sharma

    Good one

    Very nyc…go for it if u r making gel candles

  5. Amazon Customer

    Quality product

    Good quality and worth the money

  6. Kuheli Mukherjee

    Nice product

    Nice product.

  7. Neelam GulatiNeelam Gulati

    Happy with the product!!!

    I like the product: packaging was good, easy to use , takes less time to get melt .

  8. Anirudh Agarwal

    Perfect quantity

    The quantity was perfect. Packaging could have been better as wax tends to melt

  9. shyne xaviershyne xavier

    Great product

    It’s great . I tried double boiling but didn’t work. Melts better went you heat directly in a vessel. Made a gel candle everyone loved it

    One person found this helpful

  10. chetali bansalchetali bansal

    Wax quality is really good and it’s burn slowly

    The media could not be loaded.

     Wax quality is really good and it’s burn slowly

  11. vaidehee dhawalevaidehee dhawale

    Value of money

    The media could not be loaded.

     Made these candles from bought Product its prefect.

    One person found this helpful

  12. ahmad

    it’s amazing gel wax

  13. Sameer

    Very nice

  14. donna


  15. Rajkumari deviRajkumari devi

  16. seemaseema


    Smooth texture and good quality wax at a reasonable price. I wanted to try making gel candles so bought this to try a new hobby, highly recommend it as it is easy to use and happy with my finished candles.Thank u Ikaala

  17. Aditya Jain

    Good product, easy to melt

    It needs less time to melt when you directly put the vessel on flame. Quality of product is quite good

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