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Pure Ghee Diya Cotton Wick for Puja and Special Occasions  (Pack of 100)


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  • These Ghee Battis are mess free, serves the purpose and reduce danger to the home. The cotton diyas  have a divine fragrance.
  • Purpose of Using Ghee  Diyas are a way of increasing the Purity and Spirituality of our home and mind.
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These Ghee Diya are perfect for daily puja, where you can do the puja and by the time you leave home you’re sure the Ghee Batti has finished burning. These wicks are a replacement for your handmade ghee diyas, so there won’t be any strong smells

Lighting Ghee diyas is supposed to increase the Sattvic Bhakti tattva which brings shanti, good luck, light, positivity, bliss and goodness.It is good for health, wealth and happiness.

The Ghee Batti are made from Cotton Batti with Ghee material. Place a wick in your own diya and light it. Burning time for each wick is about 10 mins. Each Box 100 Ghee Diyas.

Note: Metal Diyas shown in the image are for representation only & are not a part of the product.



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