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Natural Wax Candle Soy Wax Premium Jar Aroma Candle (Vanilla) Pack of 2


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Soy Wax Premium Jar Aroma Candle Fresh Fragrance Vanilla
Material: Glass, Color: Multi
30 hours long burning
Item Size: 8 cm x 6 cm x 6 cm
No smoke to pollute the houses. Designer Pillar Candle



Country of Origin


Jar Aroma Candle (Vanilla)

Natural Wax Candle Soy Wax Vanilla Fragrance Burning Time 30 hours It turns out the sweet scent has been shown to have a strong effect on mood. An Oxford Journal study found that vanilla is naturally uplifting and relaxing. Another hidden benefit of sweet-scented candles: They curb cravings. Light a coconut or vanilla candle after dinner to stop your sweet tooth. Vanilla is well known for its sweet luxurious enticing smell and it’s multitude of versatile uses around the


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