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(14 customer reviews)
Crazy Sutra® Premium Candle Making Wax Coated Candle Wicks/Cotton Thread, for Candle Making Kit and DIY Size – Clear, 3 inch (Pack of 250 Pieces)

Original price was: ₹599.00.Current price is: ₹280.00.

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Wax Coated Candle Wicks

  • Wax Coated Candle Wicks, pack of 250 pcs ( 3 Inch )
  • Eco Friendly : Contains No Zinc, No Other Metals, Wicks Are Pre-Waxed and Tabbed, Low Smoke and Burning Stability.
  • Widely Used : Perfect for Candle Making and can be used for all types of candle projects like pillar candles, decorative gel, lamp, room decor, mandir etc.
  • No Bad smell : Wicks pre-waxed and tabbed, Coated in soy wax, Burns longer, well and safe, the flame is large and stable.
Weight 450 g
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm
Country of Origin




Wax Coated Candle Wicks


Crazy Sutra – Candle Making Wax Coated Wicks Pack of 250 Pcs 3 inch. Please be cautious with dosages of dye and scent whilst making your candles. Excessive dosages might have an influence on the burning effectiveness, causing smoke and reducing the ability of your candles to stay lit Please note use wax or glue to fix the tab on the bottom before filling the wax into the cup low smoke and no bad smell. Wicks are pre-waxed and tabbed perfectly for candle-making and DIY candle projects.

14 reviews for Crazy Sutra® Premium Candle Making Wax Coated Candle Wicks/Cotton Thread, for Candle Making Kit and DIY Size – Clear, 3 inch (Pack of 250 Pieces)

  1. DEVIL

    Good price and product 

  2. jasmine

    These wicks are a diamond in the rough. This was the first wick I started making candles with. After trying several different wick types, I’ve come back to say this wick is perfect for single wick 1” – 2” containers (only sizes I’ve tried). Absolutely amazing clean burn without mushrooming. It also helps with a great hot throw. The only downside is sizing: there’s only one wick size, so if you have 16oz and/or larger, I would recommend experimenting with double and triple wicking. 

  3. Arun Khatri

    No problem, wick was great

  4. Aadarsh mehra

    Quite honestly, I don’t know enough about wicks to give any kind of reputable endorsement. However, I started this whole candle thing as a cheap way to replenish citronella candles for our home. For my very first pour I reused a candle that I got at Home Depot, and added my was, citronella, and these EricX Light wicks. All in all, I made my candle just like the candle I bought, and it turned out great. When I run out of these, I’ll most likely buy the same kind again. 

  5. Asmi Lamba

    These wicks burn perfectly and absolutely no smoke!I Will definitely buy again! 

  6. anna

    These wicks are great. I make candles of all sizes but use these for 3″ diameter soy candles. There is more to candle making than sticking a wick in a jar and filling with wax. The bad reviews and pics I’ve seen on here seem to be the wrong size container. Mine burn cleanly with soy wax, no wax is left around edges. No tunnel down the middle. Before buying evaluate and research wax being used and diameter or shape of container and if chosen correctly, you should have a GREAT candle. Remember, different waxes require different wick and different size containers require the appropriate wick. Candle making is a science before it is a hobby. 

  7. Simran Hooda

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Good wicks.

    Pretty good wicks the tabs stuck pretty well after a quick dip in some hot wax. I held them up and kept them straight with some chopsticks and made a pretty nice candle with some cheap beeswax. If the wicks start to bend a little in the wax just straighten them out by holding up the wick a bit while the wax is still liquid. Just don’t pull it off the bottom.The little bits of shit in the middle of my candle were some wax drips off the side I didn’t wanna waste. 

  8. Lolly Lee

    These wicks burned very nicely in the candles that I made. I was pleased with this purchase. I would buy these again. There was nothing to adhere them to the surface of whatever you are using but they did not say there was.

  9. GabrielaGabriela

  10. Mandeep

    So far loving these wicks and excited to make more candles- I literally made my first candle today!The wick has been burning for 2 hours and has not gone out yet, even when the wax around it is liquid. I used refined beeswax pellets with coconut oil and some essential oil. Perhaps the people that seem to have problems are using the wrong kind of wax for the wick?? The refined beeswax pellets I used are what I normally use to make lip balm and other skincare products so is a bit expensive. I just purchased soy wax which is cheaper so am curious to see what the difference is once I make a candle with the soy wax. Hoping it works as well as the refined beeswax pellets with this wick!Will update my review once I use soy wax with these wicks. 

  11. Malhotra Ji

    I have been making soy candles for a long time, and these are the best Wicks I have ever used! They easily attach to the jar, and they burn beautifully as the candle glows….would give 10 stars if I could! I consider it a bonus that they are packaged so neatly! Thank you! 

  12. Nicholette Jackson

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    you guys at amazon are awesome. my products are perfect.

    thank you for give these wick. Crazy Sutra is awesome and perfect. 

  13. Chuck SpidellChuck Spidell

    I’m really loving the quality of these wicks. They’re sturdy and stand upright when pouring the wax into containers.  I also use these wicks with the same soy wax combined with a local grade B beeswax and get consistent results.Btw, there’s no black smoke with mine and make sure you use wick stickers or hot glue to adhere them to your glasses. 

  14. Fard Abdullah

    Product is of high quality, exactly as described. I am very pleased!

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