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Crazy Sutra® Magic  Card (King of Spades) Bridge Size Magic Trick Cards

Original price was: ₹599.00.Current price is: ₹256.00.

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About Magic  Card

  • The magician brings out a deck of cards and shows that it contains different cards.
  • The magician has a spectator select a card, show it around, and replace it back into the deck
  • The magician lays the deck on a table and asks a spectator to cut the deck. When the card is revealed at the location of the cut, it’s the spectator’s selected card.
  • The deck is made whole again and the magician taps on the top of the deck and it’s shown that the spectator’s selected card has jumped to the top.
  • The magician asks the spectator to cut the deck into three or four piles. Whichever pile the spectator points to, it’s discovered that the selected card is found on top.
Weight 100 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm

Magic  Card

Crazy Sutra Classy assorted multicolor design magic trick deck cards (Rectangle shape, Round corners, 2.25 inch x 3.5 inch). In the grand finale, the magician snaps her fingers and it’s discovered that the entire deck has changed into the spectator’s selected card. At the end, the deck is shown to contain different cards. A Svengali Deck deck can be used to perform the full routine as described above. However, many magicians might feel that the routine exploits the capabilities of the deck too much and exposes the fact that there are multiple versions of a single card.


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