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Crazy Sutra® Fake Magic Knife Dagger Practical Jokes and Prank Trick Toys | Trick Knife

Original price was: ₹599.00.Current price is: ₹175.00.

  • Use The Prank of Fake knife toys and scare your friends at parties, or your next picnic.
  • You can fool your friends to make them laugh by use the dagger. Pretend to stab someone, as you stick the blade in it disappears
  • You Can Fool Your Friends To Make Them Laugh By Use The Dagger. Pretend To Stab Someone, As You Stick The Blade In It Disappears.
  • Fake Knife Prank Fake Knife Small Fake Knife Plastic
  • Scary trick knife fake dagger, high quality. Blade can retract into the handle

This Is Crazy Sutra Fake Prank Props Retractable Knife Made Of Plastic Material. It Is Perfect For Party And Any Other Funny Occasions Use. This Is A Prank Item. Have Fun Scaring Your Friends. It Is Plastic And Isn’t Harmful. This Knife Are For Fun Between Friends And To Make The Fool Of Others , Just Show Your Friends That You Can Penetrate The Knife In Your Body , And Friend Will Be Surprise. The Knife Is Harmless , It Is Made Up Of Plastic And Spring , Which Does Not Penetrate In The Body , Rather Its Shining Upper Part Goes In The Pocket Of Lower Black Part , And Seems Looks Like That Its Going In The Body Like Wise In The Dramas And In Films . Now Let Them Tell Your Friends That You Make Him Fool. This Trick Is Just For Fun, Make April Fool Of Others. Try It.


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