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Crazy Sutra Ceramic Teddy Bear Aroma Reed Fragrance Oil Diffuser 1pc. (Random Color) with 60ml Reed Fragrance Oil

Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹415.00.

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Natural way to experience the healing and relaxation. The advantages include removal .
of the energy equivalents of bacteria, worms, parasites that take away wealth and
health energies Camphor/Aroma Lamp removes hindrances in the way of positive forces
in environment

Country of Origin


This Cute Teddy Bear fragrance diffuser is for diffusing fragrance in a room, hotel office
space or home. Create a lively atmosphere with this Teddy Bear ceramic diffuser.
This Aroma Diffuser will not fail to leave a lasting impression on family members
and colleagues. It serves as a great gift, especially around celebrations and festivities.
Whether it’s a gift for loved one or a functional statement piece for your space, this
Crazy Sutra Cute Ceramic Teddy Bear Aroma Fragrance Oil Diffuser is the best option. It’s
washable and reusable, so no more throwing away diffuser reeds and ratan, no need to
change the diffuser, you can just keep on reload and reusing it. When it comes to
changing the scent, just wash the pot and the bear head let it air dry and it’s ready to
fill with the new fragrance. Nice design as a decor and yet functional, let the pleasant
aroma from the bear diffuser make your day! Easy to use. The
ceramic diffuser will absorb the fragrance and diffuse the scent without using heat or
electricity. Suitable for room size between 9-15 sqm, Usage: 1. Simply pour the diffuser
fragrance into the base. 2. Insert the ceramic diffuser (top part of the ceramic set) 3.
Place the ceramic diffuser set on a secure, flat surface. 4. Leave the ceramic diffuser
to absorb up the fragrance and gradually diffuse the scent Tips: – Do not place the
ceramic diffuser directly on a painted, coated or synthetic surface. – 50 ml
fragrance will be diffused for around 1 month but the scent will remain on the
ceramic for about 2 months. – For use with Essential oil, simply drip 6-12 drops of
essential oil on top of the ceramic. Add more oils once the scent is faded. – If you
wish to use the ceramic diffuser with a new scent, simply clean the ceramic with
liquid soap and clean water, then let it dry before filling new fragrance. Each
Aroma Set is diligently handcrafted by skilled Indian artisans *****Crazy Sutra –
We Sell Quality! *****


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