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Crazy Sutra Bad Parking Stickers Contact Stickers for Car Owners (Pack of 2 Stickers customized with your phone number)


Availability: In stock

  • Customized with your phone number
  • Simple solution to avoid parking wars
  • Now, no need to manage paper pieces on dashboard
  • Place, from inside, on Front & Back windshields or C-pillar to display prominently
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Still using paper pieces on the car console to show your number, if some one faces any problem due to your car’s parking?

We all know how hard it is to find a proper parking space these days, every time we take our car out.

And we all have parked at some wrong parking spaces at least once, hoping it won’t cause trouble to others while we are gone.

One novel way people devised was to leave their number inside the car on a piece of paper at a visible place on the dashboard or console, so anyone having a problem due to the car’s parking could simply call the owner.

But the paper would go missing or become illegible & needed to be replaced frequently.

Crazy Sutra introduces, for the first time,

Crazy Sutra Bad Parking Contact Stickers for Car Owners.


These car stickers are custom printed with your mobile number and can stick on your car windshields from the inside.

Premium quality PVC material make these stickers last long. Readable fonts and high quality inks ensure that the phone number is always readable.

There is no complications or technicalities involved. All you need to do is –

Order – Peel – Paste

That’s it! Now, if your car is parked in a wrong spot & is causing some one any problems, they can easily get your number & contact you to move your car.  And, therefore, instead of causing any damage to your car, people who are having issues due to your car’s parking can simply contact you & you can make it right.

Simple Solution to avoid Parking Wars..!!


Ever had a bad quality “Do Not ParK Here Again” kind of sticker pasted on your car’s glass that wont come off without a residue?

The content matter of this sticker is carefully formatted, to cool down an angry individual.

Problem Due To My Parking?


Please Call Me – <Your hone Number>


Crazy Sutra Bad Parking Contact Stickers for Car Owners come in a pack of 2 stickers. Both stickers are same size. You can paste these stickers on your car’s front windshield, back windshield or C-pillar from the inside, for others to spot easily.

For best visibility, use 2 stickers on one car.

Please make sure to enter your mobile number that should be printed on the sticker, while ordering this product. In case you miss the same, we will contact you on the number entered with the delivery address of your order. 

Note: As this is a customized product with your number Cash on Delivery (CoD) Payment option is not available for this product.


3 reviews for Crazy Sutra Bad Parking Stickers Contact Stickers for Car Owners (Pack of 2 Stickers customized with your phone number)

  1. Ashok Sharma

    Amazing product. Good quality for the price. Easy to use.

  2. Sheena Bhatt

    This product is a total blessing. We have so much parking issues in our building. But now with my number on this sticker people just call when they face issue with my car parking and everything is sorted without a fuss.

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