Crazy Sutra 50 Sheets Transparent Self Adhesive A4 Blank Clear PVC Sticker Sheet for Laser Printing

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50 sheets Pvc transparent self adhesive This is widely used in office application like computer stationery, bills, invoices, cashbooks, manufacturing Leaflets/Mailers, Calendars, Writing pads etc.
Perfect for gift, home photos, and school projects. Restore Brilliant color photos, arts, and crafts works . Buy it for DIY Gifts
It is ideal for using as stickers/labels for your business according to your need because it is whole uncut A4 size sheet you can cut in according to your needs. This product suitable for high quality image and text printing. Applications: Pallet Labels, Carton labels, Shipping Labels, Storage Labels, Children Craft & Hobby projects, Parcel Labels, etc.
NOTE: It is suitable for laser printers. Print and cut your sticker job as per requirement.
WATERPROOF, TOUH & TEARPROOF – This printable sticker paper is designed to last! It has a very long lifespan, and water proof is well-suited for outdoor use since it can withstand direct exposure to sunlight and rain.

It is transparent self adhesive A4 size blank Clear PVC sticker for laser printing. Our clear Transparent sticker paper absorbs and carries color very well, resulting in vivid, gorgeous prints. This makes it especially good for custom artwork and company logos. You can also write on the paper with Pen/pencil. A Strong self-adhesive is already applied so you can paste it anywhere by just removing the release and paste the same at any surface

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